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We are always interested in hearing from the families that we serve.  Please take a moment to let us know how well we served you in your time of need. We very much appreciate your feedback.

Do you need help navigating your loved one's passing from this earth? Scott Huskins knows this process, this painful journey you have been forced to travel. Trust him to handle this process for you; give you options to ease this daunting task. He will handle whatever details you need and want for this final event of your loved one. But, above all, it's Scott's compassion and genuine empathy that brings relief from such intense grief. From the moment we met him, I knew he was the one to guide us thru our 32 year old son's unexpected passing. The shock and disbelief has been overwhelming. To feel a bit more stable instead of so fragile.....I just can't thank you enough, Scott. Thank you for following God's path for you to help people in desperate need. I'm sure we will need you again in the future and I'm comforted that we can turn to you. The love of God shines thru you.

Wayne & Anna Nichols
April 16, 2024

Scott Huskins is the kindest most caring man!! He handled my Father's service and cremation in a manner I would have never dreamed could have been such a positive experience! From the moment he walked in our front door, he made us feel at ease and like we had known him forever. He prayed with us and guaranteed us that my Dad's body was going to be taken care of by him and that he would be in the best of hands. Everything... programs, prayer cards, obituary all turned out beautifully!! Scott's continued communication with us was amazing! He was timely, profession and truly felt like a friend by the time the service was over. We would recommend Scott over and over! 10 STARS if we could give them. Thank you Scott for everything!

Amy Drohan
April 10, 2024

Scott is very professional and pays attention to the smallest details!! Not only is he more than fair, but Scott has helped us out with a number of our Hispanic ladies and their families. He's the best and most professional in the industry!!!

Dax Martin
January 24, 2024

We chose Scott Huskins because from the moment I talked with him on the phone (and he answered the call!), I knew it felt more personable right away. He drove out to us to make all the arrangements which was great as my dad is 90 and just lost the love of his life. And on top of it all, Scott offered to have my mom buried in a veterans memorial (my dad served) and arrange all of it at no additional charge. We aren’t going that route, but appreciate that. Highly recommend him.

Susan Bonne
January 17, 2024

Scott provided prompt, professional, compassionate service at a fair price. Would highly recommend.

Lizanne DeStefano
December 21, 2023

Scott was exactly what was needed at a difficult time. He made things easy. He was compassionate. I cannot imagine how anyone could have helped us through this process any better. Thank you, Scott.

Bob L.
December 20, 2023

Scott was very compassionate when I lost my husband. He was a great help to me when I didn’t know which way to turn Scott is a good man.

S. Shirley
October 30, 2023

Scott Huskins was absolutely wonderful when my Aunt passed away. He did everything we asked and then some with the utmost professionalism and in true southern gentleman fashion. My family could not have asked for anything more than what he provided. Thank you very much Sir!!

Scott Page
June 28, 2023

Scott and his staff went above and beyond for our family during the difficult time of losing our mother. They took care of all our needs and handled things in such a kind yet professional manner. They were also very accommodating and eager to make us feel at ease throughout the entire process. The funeral home is a wonderful, inviting facility. Can't say enough about our appreciation to them.

Kelly Wilkie
March 6, 2023

Scott was our first scheduled appointment when interviewing for services for my husband. We canceled the others immediately after meeting with him, and we were not disappointed. He went above and beyond, staying late one night so that I could have extra time for a visitation. He got my certificates for me and delivered them to me instead of my having to drive to him. He was in constant contact with my family, upon my son's request. He made the hardest, most unexpected time of my life easier. He showed genuine care and concern for a person that he never met. It was so nice working with a small, hometown business instead of a big box company. Thank you Scott for all you did. This is not an easy process, but Scott will make it a good experience. He also gave us the idea of memorial jewelry, and now we have keepsakes to wear.

Traci Gillen-Woodson
February 12, 2023

Scott Huskins Funeral Service absolutely exceeded my expectations. I had no experience with the process of losing a loved one before. My mother who passed was also my best friend. I was totally at ease with Scott and trusted him with the most valuable person in my life. He explained the process, did as he said he would, was patient, kind, and respectful. I felt he went above and beyond the call of duty. I would highly recommend. Thank you!

Erica Meyer
October 7, 2022

Scott recently did my mother's funeral for our family. He greatly exceeded my expectations. He walked us thru every step of the process and put us at ease that everything would be handled according to our wishes. I would highly recommend him!

D. Smith
September 23, 2022

To say Scott Huskins did an AMAZING job would be an understatement! The first place I contacted started out with" we have had two price increases this year." I then went online and filled out a contact form and they took 2 weeks to reply. Another place would not allow me to have a public service at a different location than the private burial. Another place had prices so low, it was obviously just to get me in the door. Scott's price quoted on the phone was exactly what I was invoiced! Luckily, I contacted Scott and he handled the entire process flawlessly! Scott also provided a dignified "service" at the private grave site and the public Celebration of Life at another location. Our family received numerous positive comments after Scott blessed us with an  A+A+A+ Funeral.

Ron James
March 9, 2022

The Day Family could not have been more pleased with the funeral services for my Brother, Howard. Scott is truly a professional in any sense of the word. Handles every detail with such love and compassion. We even received the death certificates two days before Howard’s services. And I also want to add the funeral was about half price compared to the traditional funeral home. I highly recommend Scott. He’s the best. Thanks Scott

Albert Day
October 18, 2021

Nothing but great things to say about Scott. He went above and beyond to help us send my uncle back to Mexico. He was upfront about everything we needed to know while still being professional and compassionate. We are extremely grateful to have found him!

Diana Mendoza
August 24, 2021

Scott was amazing in helping us deal with the sudden death of a family member. He showed a great deal of compassion and care towards everyone involved, and made sure that the service was a beautiful and healing tribute to our loved one. We are very thankful that we found Scott.

Arroyo Family
August 23, 2021

I attended a funeral arranged by Scott for a family member last year. I spoke with her later about her decision, she had nothing but praise about the ease and cost of working with Scott. A few weeks ago my brother was put in hospice care and I knew the path we were heading for so I reached out to Scott to start making preparations ahead of time. From the first phone call to the last text he was immediately responsive and always available to answer any questions. He came to my home to make final arrangements after my brother passed, picked up the clothing so we didn’t have to make the dreaded trip to the funeral home. The death certificates were expedited for us in 24 hours and everything from the picking up of my brothers body ( which was draped in a flag as he was a veteran) to the actual burial was handled with great respect and ease. Scott’s attention to every detail meant the world to our family. The cost of coffin and vault was less than half of what we would have paid had we used a traditional funeral home, and we had the top of the line mahogany coffin and the vault. Scott made this time in our life much easier than what we could have ever expected and we all are very grateful for him and his service. I highly recommend him should the need arise.

Duke Westbrooks
August 22, 2021

Mr Scott showed empathy and respect When we lost our son. He was with us during the entire process. Mr Scott is caring, compassionate and shows empathy. He is a real profesional who never makes you feel your loved one is just a number. I’m thankful that after looking into other funeral homes we went with him. He made everything effortlessly. From the bottom of my hart thank you Scott.

Eduardo Figueroa
August 14, 2021

When my father passed away, Scott Huskins was a godsend for my siblings and me. His professional and compassionate care of our dad was amazing. Not only did Scott serve as the point of contact with the hospice facility, but he also answered our questions, scanned family photos for the online obituary and took care of all the paperwork with the county and state, saving us time and ensuring we had all the necessary documentation to handle our father's final affairs. He also was incredibly affordable while providing outstanding service that went well beyond what one could expect from a funeral service provider. I wholeheartedly recommend Scott to any Georgia family facing a family loss and requiring personalized funeral care.

Anne Sargent
July 26, 2021

Sorry it’s taken me so long to post but my head isn’t right after the passing of my wife.Scott was my life saver.He made everything about my wife’s cremation and what I needed to do painless.I highly recommend using Scott’s services if you find yourself in the same situation I was in.Very professional and curiosity.Thank you Scott for helping me through my very difficult time.

Patrick Verbison
April 3, 2021

When my husband passed suddenly, Scott was very professional, compassionate, and thorough. I can’t thank him enough for all his help! I highly recommend Scott...he is EXCELLENT!

Peggi Bell
March 2, 2021

When we found out my mom didn’t have long, my brother and I had no idea what we were gonna do. A family member suggested we contact Scott Huskins to see what our options were when the time came when we would need Funeral Services. We had did some research on Funeral homes and were having trouble finding anything affordable to us. My daughter contacted Scott and set up a meeting with him for us. He came to North Carolina to meet with us and we were so impressed. Nicest man you’ll ever meet. We knew immediately when mom passed who we were gonna use for her service. Scott answered any questions we had day or night and made the process so easy. On the day of mom’s service, Scott was there to answer any last min. questions we had. As we gathered for mom’s service, he talked with family members and made all of feel at ease. Mom had a service more Beautiful than I could have ever imagined. After the service was over, several family members expressed they would be interested in using Scott in the future. Thank You Scott for all your help and traveling so far to say our good-byes to my mom. My Brother and I are forever grateful.

Darita Cline
February 27, 2021

Even though Scott lives in Georgia he traveled to North Carolina to meet with my family to discuss options for my grandmother’s funeral when we were told she didn’t have long. Scott even stood outside in the freezing cold mountain air to talk to my mother and uncle because we were not able to find a place indoors due to Covid to meet. His pricing was by far the cheapest we had found anywhere and he said no matter what the decision he had my family in his thoughts and prayers. In just two short days we lost my grandmother and my mom and uncle immediately knew they wanted Scott to handle the services. He went above and beyond to care and answer any questions at any time that my mother had or my uncle asked. He traveled back to North Carolina way back in the mountains to do my grandmother’s funeral just a few days later. I can not express enough how thankful I am that they found him and chose him for the services. My grandmother had a beautiful funeral filled with family and loved ones. He stayed close by to assist with anything we needed and shared a personal sentiment with me as well. I honestly had never met him but I felt so comfortable speaking to him and felt like I had known him forever. He added little touches of kindness to the entire process which was a major comfort, blessing, and peace of mind. I can only speak for myself but I thank God that he sent Scott to my mother and uncle when they needed him. I definitely would recommend him to anyone, anywhere and I pray it is a long time away but I know we will see him again. Thank you for everything Scott!

Megan Foster
February 27, 2021

I started contacting funeral homes when my dad was getting closer to end of life on hospice. I live out of state and spoke with Scott over the phone. He was so kind and informative. When my dad passed we contacted Scott and the process was so smooth. He paid respect to my dads service in the military as a marine, draping his body with a flag and cremating him with a flag to honor his service. Every step of the way he was supportive, showed kindness and understanding and alleviated so much stress that goes with losing a loved one. Without question we would use him again if the need arose. Thank you Scott for being a blessing during this horribly difficult time.

Danielle Box
February 10, 2021

I want to thank Scott for all his help during this difficult time. Covid presented a challenge, but Scott arranged a memorable processional and a beautiful service. He was a blessing during my mother service a few years ago and again during my father’s service earlier this week. My family would also like to thank all the law-enforcement officers that assisted with the processional. We were very touched by their professionalism and the dignity they showed our father. Forever grateful.

Pam Leitner
December 22, 2020

I just want to thank Scott Huskins for what he did for our family during the passing of my Aunt. She passed on a Sunday night and Scott was there in less than an hour. He handled everything from the funeral to the legal paper work that had to be processed. My Aunt was almost 92, but Scott made her look wonderful. He truly did a fantastic job. I would recommend Scott to anyone that experiences the loss of a loved one as he is one of a kind in what he does.

Phil Chambers
September 17, 2020

I want to take a moment to thank Mr. Scott Huskins for everything. I lost my Mom on June 5th unexpectedly. I had no idea on what to do about a funeral or anything, I had met Scott through a family member so I called him and he was like yes we will go get her and go from there. Well let me tell you he was amazing a gift from God. He came to my house, we made arrangments, we picked out her casket. He came back and picked up her and her clothes to be buried in. Scott, I just want you to know that I really appreciate everything you’ve done. She was so beautiful and so was the music and the service. Everything I expected. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Janice Burks
July 17, 2020

Scott, we cannot begin to express how much we appreciate everything you did for our family during our time of need. You went above and beyond and our family is so grateful just knowing how much you cared for our mom. It gave us so much peace and we are so thankful she was taken care of by someone who cared so much.

The Robinson Family
March 12, 2020

At a very sad time for my family, Scott Huskins made dealing with my mother’s death as stress free as it could be. He was extremely kind, professional, very sympathetic and very respectful. He guided us thru the process all while paying close attention to detail and care. He made the effort to get to know our family so that my mother’s service was personable. Scott Huskins offered good advice with no pressure- just honest, heartfelt concern for our family.

W. Hood
February 29, 2020

Scott Huskins was such a blessing to our family when my father passed away. He was so compassionate and helpful to us in our time of need. He exceeded all expectations of a memorial service. My father would have been so happy with the service he had thanks to Scott Huskins. Thank you!

A. Brown
February 22, 2020

"Thank you again for all of your help. The service was beautiful and very respectful, our mom would have really liked it. Thank you for all of your patience with us, we really didn't know what to do. We will recommend you to anyone who may be in need of assistance."

Bearsley Family

"I saw what Mr. Huskins did for the Michigan family on TV. What an huge example of love, human dignity, and absolute kindness. You sir give me renewed hope that plain old common decency and love for humankind still exist. Much respect for you sir, best wishes for future success in your business. God bless you and your family."

J. McDowell

"I just wanted to say that we used Mr. Huskins funeral services for our mother, and I have to say they were wonderful amazing and a blessing. They did a great job going above all else to make it so easy to place our Mother in the ground. They are half the cost of all the funeral homes around us. With top-quality, thanking you again as I can’t thank you enough for everything."

S. Wood

"We are so pleased with everything Scott did for us during this difficult time... He took care of things we didn’t even think of and saved us so much money! I would recommend him highly to anyone interested in excellent service and affordable prices because it’s so hard now for people who aren’t rich to get the kind of service that Scott provides!! 10 stars!! Thank you so much for everything!"

L. Jennings

"On behalf of our family I want to express our most sincere appreciation to you for the love, care and compassion shown during the illness and passing of Dayton Rupard. Your personal attention to detail, professionalism, and beautiful spirit was exactly what we needed during this time. The people of Avery County, North Carolina are blessed that you have chosen to return home and serve those with whom you have childhood ties. Your personal knowledge of the area and people will be a great asset to them as you minister through your business and life."

J. Rupard

"Thank you so very much for your kind attention to detail. You've made it possible for me to give Frank a proper Christian burial."

C. Hague

"Thanks for everything Scott. Everyone said the service was beautiful. We really appreciate your kindness and professionalism."

P. Kingston & family of Diane Elizabeth Budkoski

"Scott, you are the angel that God sent when my mom died. My family will always love you and be grateful for your kindness to us."

J. Cahill

"Scott Huskins offers the highest quality services and best prices with grace, professionalism and kindness that surpasses all others. I have been blessed to coordinate over 25+ memorials as the Director of Memorials for a Roswell church. The families always share how blessed they felt as we honored their loved ones."

C. Hart

"Scott Huskins is a sensitive, compassionate and caring soul. When my daughter suddenly lost her husband we contacted Scott to provide cremation services. After meeting with him at her home I knew we had made the best choice in funeral services. Scott guided her through the difficult process with sensitivity and took care of every detail with thoroughness. In addition to his personal attention he provided complete services at a cost that was extraordinarily reasonable and far less than the average. Scott deserves only the highest recommendation possible and will have our thanks forever."

F. Pfeiffer

"Scott was wonderful when our son died. His services were affordable, but more importantly he treated us like family. I highly recommend him and his services"

T. Beasley

"Scott is the most caring, compassionate and loving man. He lets his light shine so that you can see God through his works. His work as a funeral director was outstanding, he did so much in our time of sadness and loss. Thank you so much Scott."

With much love from the family of Micah Grayson Smith

"Scott was there for my family when my sister passed away in Tennessee. She had not made any arrangements for her burial and when she came passed away in Nashville I called Scott for Guidance. He not only guided me he took care of everything that needed to be done. He was able to give my sister a nice burial at an affordable cost. We were very pleased with his services, care and honesty."

Cloud Family

"Scott has a heart of gold. He was the rock that held us all together prior to and after my husbands moms death. He never left our side all through the hours upon hours until she went to be with the Lord. He's a true lamb of God. He continues to offer himself unconditionally for our family. You won't be disappointed in his service."

J. Lusk

"When my sister passed away I had no idea who to contact since she didn't live close. I Googled funeral homes and chose three that looked the best. After talking with Scott, I didn't even bother calling the others. He is so caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable, and his service was far beyond my expectations. He came to the family instead of us having to go to him. That was very special. I would recommend Scott Huskins to anyone, and already have! He helped get us through a very tough time."

W. Wrinn

"Compassion, dignity, and respect are, without a doubt, the hallmarks of Scott Huskins' service, and the level of professionalism to which he is committed is unparalleled. When we called him on a Sunday afternoon, he came to meet us where we were at that day...we never had to go to him. From arranging a private flag service leaving hospice to personally escorting my father to Charlotte for internment, he handled the many intricate details of my father's military funeral flawlessly and far exceeded our expectations. I could not be more grateful for his presence in our lives during that time, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who has lost a loved one."


"I have known Scott Huskins for over 20 years and he is a professional with the highest ability and integrity. He has been in the funeral business for many years and is a game changer by putting the customer first. He offers traditional services at unique pricing structures. His Services are top notch and his customers are very satisfied. He takes the burden off of them during a very vulnerable time. I have attended his services and I have recommended his pre-burial/funeral services to my clients and family members while they are doing estate planning. I cannot say enough about the character, integrity and ability of Scott Huskins.

S. M. Hankins

"Scott and his family are wonderful people. I would highly recommend his services to anyone. In my family's time of need he is always there. When mine and my husband's 3 month old passed away Scott and his wife was there and helped us and our family with everything. I couldn't ask for a better family and better services than what we received. Thank you Scott."

A. Kelley & Family

"Thank you so much for everything you did to make this process easier... thank you for making it easier for us to grieve. God bless."

D. VanCleve & Family

"What you did meant a lot. Thanks so much."

M. Harbin

"Just wanted to express mine & my family's enormous gratitude for all your help recently. Your class, character, and witness made a difficult situation unspeakably easier. We could never adequately repay your kindness. Thank you and God bless"

J. VanCleve & Family

"Your Kindness made all the difference. We will always appreciate what you have done for us. May God bless."

S. Cross

"We just want to say a huge Thank you to Scott Huskins and his staff. We were in such a dark situation and couldn't see any light to the end. God knew and had a plan. At the end of my mother's days and having to make final decisions, the lord put Scott in our path. I will not lie and say that I was not hesitant in going with Scott. He just seemed too good to be true. I continue spending the next 48 hours in search of a funeral home that would help me and it just seem to be overwhelmingly stressful. Scott continue to touch base with me throughout this time offering me help and suggestions. He also knew I was looking around but still continued. Out of last-minute desperation I started to sit down with another Funeral Home Scott called me and told me he was able to find a private burial site like what we were looking for. I had searched for days and I know he had to also. I walked out of the office and said a prayer is this really too good to be true. Scott's overall willingness with helping me truly honoring my mother the best I could was just completely overwhelming and it is hard to believe that there are still people with compassion in a heart as big as his. I could truly not say thank you enough for the services, the professionalism, and the overall friendship that he provided during this time of loss. Me and my family are truly grateful that Scott Huskins was put into our path. May God Bless you,"

The Swarts Family

"Scott Huskins thank you so much for helping us give my sister a nice funeral that was affordable for the family. When you are trying to do a funeral in a city that you know nothing about it can be a challenge. One call to Scott and he handled everything for us. I will be happy to recommend your services to anyone — feeling blessed."C. Cloud

C. Cloud

"Scott, I once again want to thank you for the grateful manner in which you handled all arrangements for my family. Thank you!"

A. Lippi

"Scott, thanks again for everything. You will never know how it put us at peace to place Davis in your hands. Saying goodbye to a loved one is so difficult, but trusting in your services and advice helped beyond words."

D. Beasley

"Scott, thanks for everything. You made my life much easier during the whole process of dealing with my father's death. I really appreciate your dedication to the funeral service

E. Queen

"Thank you for everything you did for our family. Your kindness helped us through a very hard time. We are truly appreciative and forever grateful. Wishing you the best!"

The Family of John Calloway
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